Show 85 Opportunity Zones With Bryan Crane

Show 85 With Bryan Crane:


What are Opportunity Zones?


On Today’s Show Bryan explains what Opportunity Zones are and how they can benefit communities.

About Bryan

Bryan’s role is a combination of strategic planning and sharp execution to build future valuation. This incorporates the strategic development of our corporate capital structure, both now and into the future.

This role incorporates knowledge and insights from across key areas that drive growth, which include marketing, sales, research & development, finance, and others, to create and implement a longer term vision and enterprise-wide execution of growth-generating strategies, then communicating this longer term vision to the capital markets in order to drive enhanced valuation so that future capital raises are done at the most advantageous valuation,

Prior to coming aboard InfluenceMine, Mr. Crane was a Founding Principal and Managing Partner at BlueWater Advisory Group, a consultancy focused on corporate governance, capital raising and investor awareness for publicly traded companies in the green-tech and e-commerce sectors. As well, he founded a full service investor relations and corporate communications firm focused on NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ traded public companies.

On Today’s Show Bryan Discusses

  • His start in Business
  • What is a Opportunity Zone
  • Benefits for Investors
  • What is a Opportunity Fund
  • And much more……………..

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