Resources For Your New Life in New York City

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The Big Apple welcomes you with open arms! Now, it’s time to get settled in, but getting your utilities turned on is only part of the battle — you also need to find local services and a few activities to keep you and your family engaged with the community. To help you on your journey across the New York City landscape, Peer 2 Peer offers this handy list of resources and guides, all of which you can find below.


First, Let’s Get Your Home in Order

Have Power Turned On

Connect Your Water and Sewer

Get Familiar With the Trash Collection Schedule

Look at Internet Providers


Important Services You’ll Need

NYC Transit Get You Around 24/7

Find Closeby Self-Storage Services

Top Gyms in New York

Handyman Services (via Better Business Bureau)

Establish Your New York LLC

Know How to Find a Contractor or Inspector


Important Services for Your Family (and Pets!)

Find Family Medical Care

Connect with a Dental Care Provider

Best Child Care Services

Look for a Trusted Vet

Find a Local Pet Sitter


New York, New York is a wonderful city filled with incredible people and an active community. Once you get your house set up and feel like you’re settled in, you can begin to engage with your neighbors and get connected with the heartbeat of the Big Apple!

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