Real Estate Investing, What Some Billionaires Invest In.

Just some of the notable real estate billionaires and their choice of investments, there are many different ways to invest in real estate , but if you notice these moguls on  this short list, they all hold on to most if not all of their investments long term, which what real estate is, a long term play.

Some of the top Real Estate Moguls

Donald Bren:

Is on top of real estate billionaire list in Forbes Magazine . The real estate mogul  has 550 office buildings and 125 apartment complexes. He also owns dozens of retail centers, a coastal resort, a few hotels. Forbes worth $15.3B

Stephen Ross :

Chairman of The Related Companies  He started out by developing affordable housing.  The company has expanded their real estate investment into other development opportunities, including the Hudson Yards project in NYC. Forbes worth $ 7.2B

Sam Zell:

Is the founder of private equity firm Equity Group Investments , which invests in several industries, including real estate. He was one of the early founders in the real estate investment trust (REIT) sector. Forbes worth $4.8B

Richard LeFrak:

He is chairman and CEO of LeFrak Organization a privately held, family-run company based in New York City that owns, develops, and manages real estate. He is one of the biggest landlords in the city. Forbes worth $3.6B

Mortimer Zuckerman :


The founder of Boston Properties, Zuckerman retired in May 2016, ending nearly fifty years of being leader of the REIT which operates a diverse portfolio of primarily office space. Forbes worth $2.6B


As you see with the short list, they all invested in large deals like office, apartments, and hotels just to name a few. Now I’m not saying we all will become billionaires, but with these tycoons as a guide we can start small like a single family or duplex and work our way to achieve our version of financial independence.

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