Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Shows: Credit Building

These two shows are different in the sense that one, Michelle Gershfeld says that you need to keep checking your credit score for personal reasons, keeping up with what is on your report that might affect applying for a apartment, or trying to get a mortgage.

The second show is all about building business credit for your company, Ty Randall goes into detail on what you can do to receive the business funding you need.

Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Show 2 :   Checking your credit score With Michelle Gershfeld

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Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Show 64 : Ty Crandall Building Business Credit.

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Thanks to Michelle Gershfeld and Ty Crandall  for being on  Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Podcast 


Get Ty’s Book on Business Credit Building.



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