Special Show : Using The FHA Loan to Get into Real Estate

By Willie Morales | 04/17/2021 |

There are a few ways to invest in real estate, for example besides owning a home, there are rentals, if you want to be a landlord, Investing in Reits among other things.But have you thought about House Hacking? In other words, how about buying a multifamily home? you can use a FHA Loan to buy…

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Show 184: Helping Her Clients Achieve Their Dreams With Molly Humble

By Willie Morales | 04/14/2021 |

About Molly: I have called Las Vegas my home since childhood. I have personally seen and experienced the evolution of this beautiful city into what thousands of people, both locally and globally, get to enjoy every day! As a Las Vegas native, I understand what makes our community, and those who call it home so…

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Show 183: Convert More Leads Using Digital Marketing With Alex Caragiannides

By Willie Morales | 04/07/2021 |

About Alex: Alex started his career in the Mortgage industry. After moving to San Diego, he worked as a telemarketer at a large Mortgage company making about $300 per week. When he discovered the best opportunity for advancement was to become a Loan Officer, that is what he did. But he did not love the…

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Show Special: Preparing For Potential Tax Increase With David Warrick

By Willie Morales | 04/04/2021 |

This special episode with David Warrick from “The Tax Reduction Network” we talk about the potential tax hikes: About: David Warrick, CFP EA has been an accounting and tax professional for over 25+ years, working primarily with businesses owners, the high net worth individual, and the executive seeking personal and business tax reduction advice. Upon…

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Show 182: Controlling Your Finances Without The Help From Wall Street With Nick McCullum

By Willie Morales | 03/31/2021 |

On Today’s show I interview Nick McCullum of Passiv.com. : Our Story: Passiv started when our founders, Brendan Lee Young and Brendan Wood, met and discovered they were both disillusioned with the status quo of investing: paying high fees for active management of investment products, with nothing to show for it. They did the math…

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Show 181: Using Data Analysis to Invest In Real Estate With Neal Bawa

By Willie Morales | 03/24/2021 |

About Neal: Neal Bawa is a technologist who is universally known in the real estate circles as the Mad Scientist of Multifamily. Besides being one of the most in-demand speakers in commercial real estate, Neal is a data guru, a process freak, and an outsourcing expert. Neal treats his $345+ million-dollar multifamily portfolio as an…

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Show 180: Self Storage Investing With Scott Meyers

By Willie Morales | 03/17/2021 |

Self Storage Investing’s Mission: Our mission is to supply the tools that can give the Self-storage investors the ability to profit in the hottest form of all real estate and to create a community where thousands of self-storage professionals come together from all over the world in support and celebrating the success of each other.…

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Show 179: Helping Owners Maximize Their ROI With Jim Monk

By Willie Morales | 03/10/2021 |

About Jim : Jim Monk is the President of CLOZZITS. CLOZZITS has developed a program to increase rents 3%-5% while improving the Net Operating Income (NOI) and Asset Value. All without multifamily owners laying out much capital. His goal is to differentiate beyond the normal amenities and tap into a new area of construction development,…

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Show 178: CEO of JPAR Real Estate’s New Approach For Agents With Mark Johnson

By Willie Morales | 03/06/2021 |

About Mark Mark Johnson is the brokerage’s Chief Executive Officer. He is focused primarily on expansion and productivity. He has invested nearly 20 years in understanding the inner workings of high performing real estate agents, teams, managers, and leaders in major markets across the world. In addition to our multi-award-winning business model, we pride ourselves…

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Show 177: How Technology Will Influence Real Estate Investing With Peter Carrasco

By Willie Morales | 03/03/2021 |

About Peter: I am a technical and creative professional with experience planning, designing, and securing large-scale enterprise, database driven applications. I have coordinated complex software development projects from initial requirements through design, infrastructure, development, testing, production implementation, support, and maintenance. I am passionate about learning new technologies and new methods of applying technology to solve…

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