Show Special: Preparing For Potential Tax Increase With David Warrick

This special episode with David Warrick from “The Tax Reduction Network” we talk about the potential tax hikes:


David Warrick, CFP EA has been an accounting and tax professional for over 25+ years, working primarily with businesses owners, the high net worth individual, and the executive seeking personal and business tax reduction advice. Upon graduation from college in 1980, Warrick worked as a financial advisor for several large investment houses in New York. He became a certified financial planner in 1991 to better help his clients with every aspect of their financial lives, including the best way of reducing taxable income on a personal and business level.

Mr. Warrick also has the IRS designation of Enrolled Agent. What is an Enrolled Agent? An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a tax practitioner authorized by the United States federal government to represent tax- payers in affairs with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The United States Department of Treasury empowers EA’s to represent taxpayers for any audits, appeals or collections.

David not only has the experience to understand the complexities of the income tax code – he knows how to best navigate them. That includes constantly researching tax reduction strategies that provide 100% legal ways to reduce taxes

With the belief that listening is the foundation of a lasting client relationship built on trust and respect, David Warrick’s goal is to provide financial guidance, and advice that you can actually understand and use to help grow your business, show clients how to reduce tax liability and become more financially successful.

Specialties: Income Tax and Estate Tax Reduction, Tax Planning, Tax Preparation, Audits, Appeals, or Collections, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Pension Consulting, Crypto- Currency Return Preparation and Crypto-Currency Tax Consultation for crypto- currency business owners, traders, and hobbyists at every level.

When was the last time your tax advisor or accountant called you and said, “I have a few ideas that can reduce your income tax.”​ If the answer is never, go to and sign up for our 2 minute tax reduction strategies video newsletter.

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On Today’s Show David Discusses

  • How our utility bill will rise
  • Small employers face tax hikes
  • How the USA will have the highest corporate taxes
  • Taxes will rise in every state
  • How investors are affected
  • And much more….

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