Show 188: Getting Leads Through TV Commercials With Tony Javier

About Tony:

Tony Javier is the owner of an INC 5000 rated Real Estate Investment Company.

He has been investing in Real Estate since 2001 and has done close to 1,000 flips.

Since Tony has automated his Real Estate Investing business, he concentrates his time on

helping Real Estate Investors through his Masterminds, Gap Funding, and TV Program that

shows Real Estate investors how how to grow their business through TV commercials.

On Today’s Show Tony Discusses

  • Using commercials for leads
  • Having the investor be in the commercial
  • Doing commercials in your local market
  • The benefits of doing a commercial
  • And much more…….

Links From The Podcast

Books Recommended

  • The twelve week year- Brian P Moran & Michael Lennington
  • The success principles – Jack Canfield

Thank you Tony for being on the podcast.

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