Show 183: Convert More Leads Using Digital Marketing With Alex Caragiannides

About Alex:

Alex started his career in the Mortgage industry. After moving to San Diego, he worked as a telemarketer at a large Mortgage company making about $300 per week. When he discovered the best opportunity for advancement was to become a Loan Officer, that is what he did. But he did not love the high-pressure work.

“Getting fired from that job for not meeting my quotas was the best thing that ever happened to me,” says Alex. That is when he met his mentor, Samuel Webster, who owned a competitor Mortgage company and decided to take Alex under his wing.

Although Alex carved out a niche for himself among Veterans, rose quickly through the ranks, and became one of the top producing Loan Officers in San Diego, it was digital marketing that really excited him. When Alex discovered he could target consumers directly using Google and Facebook Ads, he knew in his heart a full-scale digital marketing agency would be his legacy.

Alex went all in! He joined no less than 15 mastermind groups and after absorbing all the knowledge he could for five years, he then opened his own agency, BSM Vault.

On Today’s Show Alex Discusses

  • Realtors do not have a leads problem
  • Having s system in place for your business
  • Posting your video on YouTube
  • Having your brand on google
  • Using Instagram for your business
  • Email marketing
  • Having your own crm
  • And much more…

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