Show 176: From The Air Force to Real Estate Investing With Axel Meiehoefer

About Axel

After a successful career in the Air Force and in an executive role for a software company I founded a consulting company in 2005.

The Great Recessions around 2009 introduced me to real estate and the many things it seemed to allow. I had never paid much attention to it but now I began to realize that there was a whole world that had been hiding from me and that I wanted to explore and learn more about.

I studied while rebuilding my consulting company, we moved to San Diego. Finally, I heard about something called 1031 exchange. Most people described it as complicated, challenging, hard to do, etc. Our house close to Santa Barbara had increase considerably in value, our house in Santa Fe was coming up on a new lease term and I decided we should try the exchange.

I began realizing that I felt a different kind of energy every time I was talking about, researching or on some way be involved with real estate.

And that’s why I am so excited to be able to offer you a systematic approach to become financially independent.

On Today’s Show Axel Discusses

  • Why Axel got into real estate investing
  • His first deal
  • His education in real estate
  • How the pandemic affected his business
  • His education program
  • And much more…

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