Show 161 : How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business With Luke Shankula

About Luke:

I am a proud husband and father of a beautiful baby girl. I am in my late twenties and when I am not building sales funnels and doing digital marketing, I am playing soccer and hanging out with my family.

I first got into Digital Marketing and Sales Funnel when I stumbled across Russell Brunson and the DotCom Secrets book. I was hooked! I began consuming everything I could on the subject and began to apply the concepts I had learned to my own personal marketing. I truly began to realize the power of the internet and sales funnel after seeing results in my own business. I continue to obsess over the newest digital marketing trends while applying direct response marketing tactics that have been used by traditional marketing for many years.


I was born and raised in Ecuador. I lived there my entire life until the age of 16 before relocating to San Diego, California. In case you were wondering, Ecuador is located in South America right on the equator. Ecuador is sandwiched between Peru and Colombia.

On today’s show Luke talks about

  • Using social media
  • Have 1 to 2 platforms and master it
  • Using ads with Instagram, facebook and Youtube
  • Network events
  • Cold calling
  • And much more………..

Links from the show

Books Recommended

  • Psycho-Cybernetics- Maxwell Maltz
  • The Conversion Code- Chris Smith
  • Dotcom Secrets – Russell Brunson

Thank you Luke for being on the podcast and giving us your best.

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