Show 155: Outsourcing Your Short Term Rental with Avery Carl

Today’s Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Podcast Guest Avery Carl.

About Avery

Avery, a Mississippi native, received her B.S. in Corporate Communication from the University of Texas at Austin, where she played goalkeeper on the Big 12 Championship winning women’s soccer team. After college, she spent several years touring the world as the lead guitar player in a punk rock band.

She then segued from performance into the business side of music, and moved Los Angeles where she held positions at both Capitol and Atlantic Records. During a brief residence in New York City, she met her husband Luke; who is a Rock n Roll Disc Jockey on SiriusXM radio and an internationally published author. In 2013 they moved to Tennessee where Avery received her MBA from Belmont University.

On today’s show Avery talks about

Using automation tools

Why owning your home is best

Absentee Owners

What are metro markets

Having a cleaner and handyman on your team

And much more……………..

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Thank you Avery for being on today’s Podcast, really appreciate your time.

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