Show 148: Investing in Apartments & Earning passive income with Jens Nielsen

About Jens

Jens Nielsen is the principal Open Doors Capital. He has raised almost $1M for apartment deals and has invested in over 800 apartment units, 500 mobile park lots and over 4500 storage units plus mortgage note funds and private money lending. Jens has strong experience in evaluating deals and assembling a team to renovate and operate the properties. Jens has a long career in IT, giving him strong analytical skills and a great ability to assess risks in complex deals.

We work with private investors to invest passively in multi family apartment buildings. If you are tired of the unpredictable returns in the stock market and want to secure your financial future we can help.

We partner with experienced operators in growing markets to generate strong monthly cash flow and equity growth.

  • On today’s show Jens covers
  • Using seller financing to purchase an 11 unit property
  • Using direct mail
  • Craigslist is still viable
  • Passive income
  • Private lending
  • And much more…………

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