What is it that “They” have?

By Willie Morales | 10/06/2020 |

This is a question I pondered for years, What is it that the so called 1% have? or maybe let’s exclude them, because they are the anomaly, let’s focus more on the other 99% which can include millionaires, hundredthousandsaire’s etc. I have read it’s mindset, tenacity and on and on, but I really believe it’s…

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Pick one niche and stay with it until……….

By Willie Morales | 09/30/2020 |

One thing I’ve learned over the last 10 years, is that it went by fast! But seriously,  The reason for the title is what I should have done years ago. When I first got interested in Real Estate I thought I wanted to be a landlord, but a funny thing happened from 2007 to 2017,…

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Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

By Willie Morales | 09/29/2020 |

Article courtesy of Joan Clark : Nobody likes to clean the bathroom; however, with a weekly bathroom cleaning schedule, the unenjoyable task of cleaning the bathroom will go by much quicker. By creating a bathroom cleaning checklist and developing a cleaning routine that includes all of the cleaning tasks that you need to complete will…

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Your Freedom Manifesto

By Willie Morales | 09/28/2020 |

Article courtesy of Mike Ayala: A Manifesto for Change Like the Declaration of Independence, the road to financial independence starts with a rallying cry, a manifesto. Your personal freedom manifesto is the start of achieving transcendental economic freedom (i.e., generational wealth). And just like our forefathers, achieving the freedom you covet will be about casting…

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Advantage of buying a property in a golf community

By Willie Morales | 09/25/2020 |

Article courtesy of Jordan Fuller: Nearly every avid golf dreams about owning a home near, or on a golf course. Any discussions with a real estate agent will likely result in at least bringing up the idea of buying a golf course property. Such homes are not only appealing due to the typically beautiful neighborhoods…

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