Are You Open to New Ideas?

A Story By  Robert Nunez :


Smart working individual with a systemic method of thinking and operating. Dedicated the bigger picture, and rarely distracted by minor obstacles. Focused on developing relationships with key individuals and institutions across the world to work and create long lasting business relationships with us here in the U.S.

Something New

In 2013 as I was traveling back and forth from NYC to Philly for weeks at a time, a good friend Carmen Simmond said to me “Why don’t you Airbnb your place”? I didn’t know what that meant, and instead of shutting myself off because it was different or new, I simply asked “what is that?” The rest is history.  When I entered the short term rental industry in 2013 we built a company around this new way of earning from your real estate by these new companies Airbnb, Booking and VRBO.

Many people spoke up and told me, “it was a fad, a trend, just a novice idea.” or as one friend put it “who’s going to pay to stay in your place”?  7 years, 78 properties, and an island retreat home in the Caribbean later, the answer was simple – EVERYONE! Times were changing the way people traveled, where they chose to stay and, how they chose to book it.   Some saw it some didn’t, many chose not too.

The Players

Companies like Airbnb, Booking, VRBO helped my companies and millions of Host and operators worldwide offer a new way of accommodating peoples stay.  This in turn helped provide a better life and some I know made a fortune in the process.  It all takes effort and work, none was given all was earned.  Yet, the rewards are great and so is the life attached to the work you put in.

The Conclusion 

My Point! The next time someone approaches you with a new idea or concept and you shoot it down or walk away because its so new that you can’t grasp it or its different then how its always been done – pause, step back and ask yourself, “what if I am wrong”? Kill your critic and tap into your student.  Open yourself up to listening.  You never know where that conversation will take you. And if you shut it down the conversation ends right there and so may your opportunity.
Thanks to Robert Nunez for this story of inspiration.

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