4 Ways Security Can Help Your Home Sell Faster

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Fifty-six days: that’s the average number of days most houses sit on the market. Since selling a home usually means a new transition in life—like starting a family or a new job—most sellers are eager for the next chapter, and want to get an offer as quickly as possible. They may not feel they have the time to make any upgrades to boost their home’s resale value. Plus, they don’t envision they will be living there long enough to enjoy the changes.

However true that may be, that kind of thinking can really limit the appeal of your home. There are several simple, cost-effective ways to boost your home’s desirability, and security is a big one. Safety not only means peace of mind, but it also gives homes a high-tech, modern feel. Here are four ways security can impact the sale of your home.

Security Boosts Curb Appeal

Security can be a big draw for home buyers before they even walk in the door, because a secure home starts with the yard. If you want to elevate your curb appeal, then start with security. Hire an expert to help you figure out the best landscaping design for your home. Then, bring in a professional landscaper to execute that plan. Some ways you can strengthen security through landscaping is by planting tall shrubs around the edges of your yard, making sure large trees aren’t near any windows, and ensuring the front of the house is well-lit. You should also consider installing a gate, which is a security measure that hits on a lot of outdoor appeal.

Security Attracts Diverse Shoppers

Security isn’t an interest limited by age or demographic. People of all ages, backgrounds and budgets value security. For example, adding window and glass-break sensors to an alarm system appeals to first-time homeowners and seasoned buyers. A door brace and a reinforced door jamb are valued by both parents and solo homeowners. You can take your security appeal up a notch by using a reputable monitoring service. These systems are state of the art, and help connect homes directly and quickly to first responders. However, it’s important to remember they usually have both upfront and ongoing costs.

Security Makes Your Life Smarter

Smart security provides features that can put home monitoring in the palm of your hand. You can see who is ringing your doorbell, talk to someone at your home, and interact with the proper authorities all with an app on your phone. Smart tech isn’t just for security, however. You can use one smart home system for setting up security, controlling temperature, adjusting lighting, turning appliances on and off, playing music, and organizing your calendar. This long-term savings is very appealing to homebuyers, especially those who enjoy learning and using the latest tech gadgets.

Security Increases Sticker Price

Home security can help you raise your asking price, even when you’ve installed only baseline features. Even a little investment can go a long way. A security system can ease the minds of parents, kids, single house hunters, and potential buyers of all ages. Plus, it also signals long-term savings. For example, homeowners insurance rates are often lower for homes with security systems installed, and those with other smart home elements often help reduce energy bills. But getting the offer you want is only one element to a successful sale. Getting the right offer in the right time frame is the other half of the battle. Security features can make your home more competitive and stand out in a crowded housing market.

If you are like the vast majority of American homeowners, you know your home is a major asset, which is why security is often a top priority. The good news is that installing advanced or even basic security features can increase your home’s value both in the short and long term.

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