The Best Do-It-Yourself Decluttering Tips

Article Courtesy of Paul Deniken

As time goes by, we tend to accumulate more and more things, and it’s common for homeowners to fill what space they have. A thorough decluttering can feel overwhelming, and you might even wish you could hire a pro for the chore. However, with a few fun and handy strategies, you can simplify your living environment, DIY-style.  

Start Small

When you have a major decluttering project, one of the biggest mistakes you could make is to try to do the whole house all at once. Rather than attempting to tackle so much, examine a few different popular decluttering methods and select one that suits your time allotment and personality type. For instance, some people take the day of the month and eliminate that many items from their home; on the fifth, you would edit five items. Another idea is to sort into categories, such as things to keep, things to recycle, and things to otherwise rehome. Some people select one room or space and work there until finished, then move on.

Common Conundrum

You might decide to start with a small room, such as the bathroom. Even though it tends to be small on space, it can be big on clutter, and many people find the bathroom challenging to keep clean and organized. It’s a place we are often on the go, and with all the hygiene products, moisture, and activities the space hosts, it tends to get dirty and cluttered quickly.  

Start with a deep cleaning. Organize a convenient cleaning caddy, gather a few rags, and pull out your vacuum. Ideally, grab a vacuum that works well on all surfaces, including tile floors. If you don’t have one already, investing in one will make life easier long-term; you’ll be surprised at how infrequently you have to mop when you can hit the highlights with a vacuum. Make sure you read reviews for different models before buying so you select the right one for you.   

Once your bathroom is sparkling, do some sorting and organizing, and look for ways to rethink your space. For instance, the area on the backs of doors can be put to good use, keeping things close at hand yet out of sight and off your countertops. Trays can help with pulling things together on your vanity, and don’t let your wall space go to waste! You can hang baskets, install floating shelves, or hang a mounted cupboard.  

Storage Spaces

It can be oh-so-tempting to toss some of your excess “stuff” into hiding, but cluttering closets and cupboards is just clutter you need to deal with later. You might believe you can purchase storage bins and then straighten things up, but that tends to complicate matters. Rather than caching belongings out of sight, sort up front so you can see what size totes, bins, and baskets you need. You might elect to install some closet organizer systems and drawer organizers, and these undertakings are best accomplished when you can take some measurements, both of the space where they will be installed and the objects which will occupy them.

Decluttered, Happier, and Healthier

Decluttering can be a time-consuming process, and it’s sometimes discouraging. Whatever decluttering method you choose, you are likely to discover that you stir up a lot of dirt and dust bunnies as you work, and it sometimes can feel endless. That’s okay!  Don’t become daunted, as that’s part of why you’re decluttering, so you can stay abreast of the household better. As Simplistic Happiness explains, clutter is a haven for dust, dirt, and bacteria, so you’ll want to clean as you go to help you stay motivated. In fact, clutter also can weigh you down mentally, so you’ll likely be surprised by how much better you feel as you see the piles dispersed.  

A home that is clean and organized can mean feeling better in many important ways. Think of fun and easy methods for tackling your clutter, and then dig in! Once complete, you’ll be proud to look around your tidy home and think, “I did that!”

Article by Paul Deniken.

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