Show 87 With Zach Beach Creative Real Estate Investing


Show 87 With Zach Beach:

Buying And Selling Real Estate Without Banks


About Zach

Zach has been around the real estate business for over 7 years, coaching and mentoring in a numerous ways throughout the real estate world. Zach graduated from Shrewsbury High School in 2008 and enrolled at Bay State University to focus on Management/Marketing. He then continued his education at UMass Dartmouth, majoring in Marketing with a minor in Finance. Throughout his college years, he worked in the restaurant industry.Zach’s current focus is helping our Associates from many backgrounds and situations, looking to start or continue their REI business.

He specializes in speaking with sellers to find the best option for them. He helps acquire 5-10 properties every month between the family business and Associates. It was a natural fit for him to be involved in this part of the business because, at heart, he is a problem solver and a people person. His skills in marketing and finance have allowed him to thrive in such a short period of time in this business.

Zachary is always educating himself and is always striving to become the best he can be. He is constantly looking for ways to sharpen his skillset in order to educate others.

On Today’s Show Zach Discusses

  • Working with Tenant Buyers
  • Due Diligence
  • Having Credit Lines for your Business
  • The Problem with Wholesaling
  • And much more……………..

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855-667-7336 x825

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