Show 83 Can’t Visit Properties? Get Help.

Show 83 With William Morales:


Having boots on the ground


Today’s show is about finding boots on the ground

I know you might be thinking, like I do, who has time to look for properties?

I have a full time job, family, etc and I don’t have the time.

Most of us have said this at one time or another. But with Technology, There are companies that out there now, the world has shrunk that we have these services to help us, in other words, we can outsource visiting houses.

Now these are suggestions that I have done, investors I know have done, but whatever feels comfortable for you keep doing it.

I’m not saying don’t ever visit a property, it’s good experience I’ve done my share of visiting houses, at one time from 2008 through early 2009

I was a real estate agent and my job was to show houses/apartments to prospective tenants, after a while you can learn more about a property, what needs major repairs, or cosmetics. You can make unbelievable contacts in real estate by being an agent.

In New York Real Estate News –Rent-regulated lease buyouts less appealing to city owners, experts say

 On Today’s Show I talk about

1.       Landlords pulling back on offering buyouts to tenants

2.       Finding boots of the ground.

 Book I recommend

Think and Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill

Where to find help to search for properties

 Professional services.

·         Appraiser –

·         Home inspector –

·         Property manager- They can tell you if a property is worth managing-

·         Realtor- if you find an investor friendly real estate agent-

Online Services

· – Company has what they call lookers, they take pictures and a report they will send to you.

·– similar to wegolook

· – walkability index that assigns a numerical walkability score to any address in the United States

·– make an ad that you are looking for a property scout.

Personal services

·         Friends- If a friend is walking around and they see a property, they can send you the info, pay them a referral fee if you close.

·         Family- same as above .

·         Local person – if you can’t visit yourself or family or friends are not available. My suggestion, make sure the local person has either a Facebook or LinkedIn profile

·         Craigslist- offer a job to someone , follow steps for the local person.

Crime stats



Out of the box

·         Police department- call a non-emergency line, ask if the neighborhood is safe

·         Mailman- if you run into one, ask if the neighborhood is safe

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