Show 67 With Irena Škoda: Design Architecture beyond the Standard.

Irena Škoda, Principal, Škoda Design + Architecture, speaks to William Morales, host, Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Podcast on Stretching the Boundaries:

The Potential of Architecture to Enhance the Human Experience “Some work is trendy, some is timeless. I want to venture beyond what is already out there.” Irena Škoda, Principal of Škoda Design + Architecture, discusses her dedication to stretching the boundaries of architecture and design, exploring fully its virtually limitless capacity to enhance the human experience.

On Today’s Show Irena discusses. ·

  • How as a 10-year-old child with an artistic bent and an innate curiosity about the built environment, she began to create drawings of the world around her: little did she know that she was already on her way to become an architect. ·
  • Why her love of New York City and fascination with multi-family housing led her to learn how to build skyscrapers first: “If I could learn that, anything else would be a piece of cake.” ·
  • Why it’s never just about modular construction or energy efficiency, it’s all about design with the human in mind. “Architecture is a support system enabling humans to improve their performance. A building needs to give the occupant the most comfortable system inside.” .
  • Why she rejects the standard but also doesn’t seek out the outlandish: “I am at the forefront of creating design that is neither highly experimental nor standard, but right in-between… I want to create buildings that just make sense.”

“Times are changing. Architecture and technology are congruent and sustainability without technology cannot exist. With sustainable technology higher performance buildings will evolve. You are meshing design with technology in order to benefit the physiology and emotional, mental and physical experience of the human being – all is geared to the person.”

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