Show 64 With Ty Crandall Building Business Credit.

About Ty Crandall:

Ty Crandall has spent over 12 years helping clients obtain and rebuild excellent personal and business credit profiles. He has analyzed over 10,000 credit reports, giving him extensive knowledge of credit trending. Ty has also helped thousands of clients obtain business credit and funding without a personal guarantee. Ty is a certified expert on consumer credit laws, including the fair credit reporting act and the fair and accurate transaction act. With his knowledge and experience he has managed to successfully build and sell profitable credit improvement business , and helped hundreds of others learn how to do the same. Ty Crandall also provides forensic credit audits and expert witness support in credit court cases. He is often called upon to help attorneys better understand the credit system and consumers rights within credit system. A leader, mentor and pioneer in the credit improvement and business credit building industries, Ty is well known as a leading, authoritative expert when it comes to business credit building and scoring. He also donates his time to mentoring other credit industry professionals, always focusing on expanding the reach of consumer credit protection and business credit growth. Ty ideas have helped thousands of consumers stand up for their credit rights and dramatically improve their credit and quality of life . he has helped businesses secure millions of dollars in credit and funding, helping them to grow and prosper. For this he has become well-known in both consumer and business credit arenas for helping consumers and businesses dramatically build and improve their credit profiles and scores.

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On Today’s Show Ty Talks About

The importance of building business credit.

Where to start building business credit

Dun & Bradstreet

The 3 C’s

And much more……..

Ty’s Resources:

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Ty’s Recommended Reading:

The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg

The Power of Positive Thinking- Norman Vincent Peale

The Art of Thinking Systems – Steven Schuster

Thinking in Bets- Annie Duke Ty’s Links: (877) 600-2487

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