Show 59 With Claudia Lipp- Martin Using Social Media to Target Your Audience

With a background in the corporate world and a PG Dip in HR I have enjoyed the life style of an expat for many years. Living in 5 countries and gaining a truly global perspective has been invaluable to me and social media played a key role in keeping up with friends and family all over the world. When I say I am passionate about real estate I mean it. My love for architecture, design and of course homes in any shape of form

made the choice to become a realtor a natural progression. After all where we live and how we live is the essence of our lives. Having moved as many times as I have I appreciate that even more.


On today’s Show Claudia Talks about

Using Social media

Targeting your audience

Giving value

Selling a lifestyle

And much more………

A few of Claudia’s favorite writers/authors she likes to read.

Tony Robbins

Charles Dickens

Thomas Hardy

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