Show 52 Do You Need to Buy That Course?

I’ve bought my fair share of courses since 2007, and I’m not knocking the people who sell them, we all need to make a living.  But is it necessary to buy the course that is going to cost you $20, 000? And, there could be over 20-25 modules of different investing technics that can overwhelm anyone. Since the advent of social media, more and more people are making video’s on how they invest in real estate. furthermore most of it is free! I invested my hard earn money in these courses, realized the education I received has been through books, Video’s and talking with other investors & taking action.

Sure, we need the education, that is a must. But like I said before social media has changed the education game. For example, I was all over the place in terms of what I wanted to invest in. After watching HGTV shows on flipping, that’s what I wanted to do, oops, no, I want to be a wholesaler! Nope, sorry I want to be a tax lien investor. You get the point I couldn’t make up my mind.

I picked one subject, that’s owner financing. Once I made up my mind it was that subject only, I bought books on owner financing, looked up video’s on YouTube, wrote down info on what owner financing is, and kept at it until it made sense.

I wanted a business in a box, sure it’s easier that way, but at what cost? I had to work hard to know my subject of choice. And it’s paid off.

Pick that one niche you want to do, study it over and over again until it makes sense, buy the books, look at video’s, network, talk to other investors. Then move on the you next goal once you mastered your vocation.   <——Show Notes

“Keep The Momentum Going, Good Things Will Happen”