Show 42 Ashlee Nycole Providing Solutions for Sellers

I am a 25 year old wife, daughter, sister, friend, mentor, certified life coach, real estate investor, ecommerce expert, licensed cosmetologist, Salon Owner, Virgin Hair Distributor, a “Health-Freak”,an author, a light to the world and hopefully to you soon; a few titles and characteristics I possess.

I believe in Production. Action. In fact, that’s what my household believes in which transpires to our business. 
My husband (Tracy Leon Ellison-Bey), who is a licensed real estate agent, and I company, Freedom LifeStyle Investments LLC, represents: Action. In the Real Estate Industry, Business, Investing in yourself, Investing through forex and much more.
We execute any real estate deal you can think of.   However; We specialize in New Land/Commercial/ and Multi-Family Development, Creative Financing Real Estate Deals and much more! Just inbox me!
As far as business, we love creating and developing partnerships with people who are “like-minded” and who are all about ACTION. Team work definitely makes the Dream Work, so let’s work.   We believe in having the FREEDOM LIFESTYLE and anyone can be a FREEDOM LIFESTYLE INVESTOR by simply Investing into yourself. All areas of yourself. 
Inbox me to see how you can become a part of the #FreedomLIfeStyleMovement

You can find Ashlee at: Notes