Show 36 Christina Browning

REAL was created to connect women in the real estate field. REAL provides training and support to facilitate partnerships and alliances among women in the industry. It is also a platform for successful women in the industry to share their stories and inspire other women who are just starting out. As members of REAL, women will have the opportunity to network with other female pioneers in real estate. A goal of REAL is to inspire newbies and women who may be struggling in their business by connecting them with women who have victoriously overcome the same obstacles they face. Another goal of REAL is to give women the opportunity to build strong lifetime business relationships. As women, we understand the difficulties that come along with being self-employed, a mother, wife, and the many other roles we play. So it’s important for us to support one another. Just by hearing how other women got started and triumphed over road blocks, will surely breathe life into another’s business. Members are able to present their deals to other investors within the group. Every area of the real estate will be represented within the group that is necessary to close a transaction.

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