Show 35 Your library

On today’s show I talk about

  1. Books to get your mind on the right path
  2. Real estate books to get
  3. Creative Books on Real estate

Part 1: Mindset

  1. Think and grow Rich- Napoleon Hill
  2. Rich Dad Poor Dad- Robert Kiyosaki
  3. The Success Principles- Jack Canfield

Part 2: Real Estate Books

  1. Cash Flow Quadrant – Robert Kiyosaki
  2. What every real estate investor needs to know about cash flow- Frank Gallinelle
  3. The Millionaire real estate investor- Gary Keller
  4. The ABC’s of real estate investing- Ken Mcelroy
  5. Hold- Linda Mckissack
  6. The ultimate beginners guide to real estate investing –

Part 3: Creative Real Estate

  1. The Art of Owner Financing – Mitch Stephen
  2. Lease option and subject to deals- Wendy Patton
  3. The art of Wholesaling – Aram Shah/ Alex Virelles
  4. The 16% Solution- Joel Moskowitz

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