Show 19 With Tanya Lashley

With over 9 years of professional experience within the Real Estate and Advertising industry, Tanya has demonstrated her ability to build market recognition, increase customer awareness, and provide the foundation for strong and sustainable revenue growth. This is the expertise that that she provides within todays Real Estate and media industry. Expertise channels are Distressed Properties, Investments, Pre foreclosure market, Builder Sales Digital, Display, Radio Live events and some TV.

The breadth of her experience spans markets worldwide and includes the complete portfolio of Real Estate Investments, Commercial and Residential Properties, media, online advertising, media planning social media marketing and media branding to name a few. Equally solid is Tanya’s performance in strategic planning, exceeding sales quotas by 200%. Her extreme passion and committed execution of her craft allows her to leverage her assorted talents in these ever changing industries. This is also what has lead to her many accomplishments.