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►► How do you want to spend your life? ◄ ◄ 

On average, most people spend 30 years of their lives working— which doesn’t include the time spent commuting to work or being stuck in traffic— and still don’t have enough money to retire from their jobs. 
Over the years I have run into so many people from dentists and doctors to bank tellers, teachers, and government workers, with this same story of working their whole lives and not having enough to retire on. With each story I heard, the more I reiterated to myself, “That’s not how I want to spend my life” and the more I wanted to help prevent this from being other people’s stories as well. At first I thought the issue was having too much debt— specifically student loan debt so I founded Debt Free College Grad and wrote “How to Graduate College Debt Free with Money in the Bank” to help alleviate that issue by helping students win scholarships for college. However, after a few years I sold the business because I realized the issue was greater than that. Not having enough money to retire after working for 30 years or more was an investment issue. 
Robert Kiyosaki’s, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book got me thinking about investing, passive income streams, and retiring early when I was in high school. In 2011, I finally started to invest in properties. Then I started wholesaling until I finally learned about investing in mortgage notes and knew that was my key to retiring early and acquiring passive income streams. It’s the way that I know how to make my money work for me and how to help other people acquire passive income streams and increase returns on their retirement accounts as well. 
Essentially, I help people answer this question:
❝You make a good amount of money working, but how do you get that money working for you?❞
Are you getting the most out of your money working for you?
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