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Education Materials Provided By Andrea West:

Providing the opportunity for student and professional accountants to take the next step in their education is integral to establishing the highest quality in practice and performance. With the employment rate for accountants and auditors growing faster than that of the average occupation, it’s important to provide the tools necessary to ensure that accountant quality grows with accountant quantity. Accessibility to educational resources is critical to this development, but the degree of availability for such resources can be limited for many who would benefit from them.

Keeping these considerations in mind, has created open-use guides to the accounting career, including guides to all degree levels, certificates, and state best practices. They are available to point anyone in the direction of accounting success with a simple click. Containing a bevy of in-depth data on core topics such as program selection, career specialization, and related organizations, it’s our hope to reach as many students and professionals as possible with these information-rich resources.

The Complete Series on Accounting Degree Levels
Certificate | Associate’s | Bachelor’s | Master’s | PH.D. |

An Overview of State Accounting Certification Requirements
| Guide to Accounting in New York – | provides education, employment, and licensure guides for individuals interested in pursuing a degree and career in accounting. Learn more about us

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