Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Show 95 With Lori Murray Do’s and Don’ts of your business receipts

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On today’s show Lori talks about using tools for your business receipts and not dropping off a shoe box of receipts for her to sort out!


About Lori Murray

My bookkeeping experience started in 1991 when my husband, who is a serial entrepreneur started his first business. Since that time we have raised 3 beautiful daughters, I started my own bookkeeping business and acquired my Real Estate Brokers license.


During the 4 years I practiced traditional Real Estate, I forged many great relationships to build a strong team for my clients. I closed 83 deals for a total over $20 million with my best year being almost $10 million. All of my flips were financially successful and I fully understand the challenges of the real estate strategies for traditional real estate, wholesalers, landlords and flippers. Now I have combined my 25+ years bookkeeping experience with my real estate experience and can provide additional value to serve your needs!


What Balanced Bookz does for it’s clients

Bank & Account Reconciling

Customization to meet your needs

Tax Preparation and Planning


Accounts Receivable

And much more…………….


Tools mentioned on the show


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