Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Show 92: Your Networth is determined by your Network.


Meeting the right people can have a great impact on you and your business.

I’m pretty sure you heard the title of this episode before right? And if you have, you know that you are the average of the people you associate with.

I found this out years ago when I realized that my network consists of friends who rather watch TV, spend their leisure time going out, etc. I didn’t want that anymore, I wanted to have more substance, I wanted my businesses to flourish and that meant meeting like minded individuals .

Of course the hard part is for anyone who might feel a bit shy? There are communities online and live events for anyone to choose from, so if you are people adverse or a social juggernaut there’s plenty of opportunities to pick from.

Below is a list of online and live events that either I attended or someone has recommended to me.

In New York City Real Estate News: Is the area around Citi Field in Queens ready for a revival?

Book I recommend 

Networking is a contact sport :Joe Sweeney




These are some recommendations from myself and others.

Online community

Networking Events Dates & Locations vary -Manhattan chamber of commerce

Upcoming events I’ll be attending and participating.

You can find me : -Youtube

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Upcoming events I’ll be attending and participating.