Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Show 82 Gene Panasenko: Providing Value To Clients

About Gene

As a multi-lingual Wealth Manager with over two decades in the financial services Gene has been closely involved with advising both domestic and international clients on financial aspects of acquiring Real Estate and factoring those transactions in his clients Financial Plans. He firmly believes that assisting clients with acquisition of homes and investment properties is a natural extension of comprehensive financial advice he has been offering his clients over many years and helping people enjoy better quality of lives and realizing their dreams.

Working closely with Legal and tax Advisors as part of his team, Gene addresses such issues as Estate Planning, Asset protection and Tax ramifications of every Real Estate transaction he gets involved in to better fulfill all aspects of his clients’ needs when buying or selling a property.

Having lived, worked and traveled throughout the world Gene has been exposed to multiple cultures which allows him to have a better understanding and consequently allows him to better advise his clientele from different countries. As an owner and investor of a diversified Real Estate portfolio both in NY and out-of-state, Gene can relate better to his clients needs, and enjoys sharing with them his extensive experience.

Over many years Gene has been an active member of the New York City Business Community, having served as a Board Member of the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, as well Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard’s and Airmen’s Club, to name just a few.

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On Today’s Show Gene Discusses

  • Why buying Real Estate is a sound investment
  • Working with a team
  • Having a fiduciary responsibility
  • Foreign investment in the United States
  • And much more………………..

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