Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Show 79: Where do you look for properties?

About me:

Hi! My name is William and I’m the guy behind & I started my real estate education in 2007, which included REIT stocks, Crowdfunding & acquiring properties creatively.

Currently working on acquiring deals in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania I’m really a guy who wants to invest for the future and make a comfortable living doing what I love. I am grateful for my friends, associates, and mentors, for how they’ve empowered me to pursue and achieve so many of my dreams so far. What I want to do is simply share what I’ve learned and give back.

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On Today’s Show

I talk about Landlords looking to cap realtors fees

Where to look for properties

Websites for searching

Suggestions on searching for properties

Wholesalers – Google “we buy properties” then city you want to invest in.

Website- Use google ad words/seo

Blogging- Writing on your site, facebook, linkedin, etc that you buyproperties

Vlogging- Using Youtube and other social media that you buy houses

Family- They might see a property that is boarded up, etc, and give you the information

Friends- Same as above

For sale by owner signs- Call them,

Podcast- You can get your message across you buying homes

Car- Have a logo on your car

Bandit signs- Hanging signs on light poles- “we buy houses cash”

Zillow & Trulia- Rental ads, owners forced to be landlords because they couldn’t sell. Check their rental ads – Make your own ad “we buy houses”

Eviction records- Most likely you need to go to court house to get them

Direct Mail- Use, to find absentee homeowners.

Real Estate Clubs- Join

Walking for dollars- You can target a neighborhood and look around for properties

Driving for dollars- Same as above, but using either your car or a friends.

Real Estate agent– Find a investor friendly agent, here is one:

Did I leave anything out? what’s your method of finding properties? let us know.

Book I recommend

The One Thing- Gary Keller & Jay Papasan

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Keep the momentum going, Good things will happen.

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