Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Show 77: Use it or Lose it, How and why my credit cards were taken away.

Yes, that’s correct, I had two of my credit cards taken away because of lack of use. One of my cards was from Chase Bank the other Valley National Bank.

I was honestly surprised that happened, especially from Chase, where I have been a credit card holder for close to 28 years, Valley, about 4 years.

In a letter that I received from Chase it stated because of lack of use that it was being rescinded no such letter came from Valley National Bank.

In all honesty I didn’t use either card after a while, Chase I used to pay off a balance transfer, and Valley I used to buy some office supplies, but after that I didn’t use either card for a period of years.

We must remember that banks are in the business of lending and collecting interest, lack of use means no money for them!! I can understand that to a point, but when I’m a holder of a card for 28 years and the card is taken, That’s a hard pill to swallow, if you know what I mean.

If you see below New York Real Estate News, I put in a link from an article I read on lack of credit card use and what you can do about it.

On today’s show I talk about 

  • New York City Housing Authority
  • Lack of credit card use.

In New York City Real Estate News

NYCHA named worst landlord on Letitia James’ annual watchlist

Lack Of Credit Card Usage

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