Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Show 75 : Low Cost Investments


Want to start by saying I’m not a lawyer or CPA, I’m not engaged in rendering legal advice or professional legal services and no attorney client relationship is created. Be aware that all investments are risky, please do your due diligence before investing in any endeavor.

Can I invest without large sums of money? 

Yes!! there are many ways to start investing in low cost investments, especially when you are starting out, it can be daunting.

If you are not experience investing in Real Estate, start out with notes, what are notes you say? well for instance, you lease a car, and you make monthly payments to the auto dealer, that’s a note for the dealer, there are options out there for all of us, there are plenty of platforms you can invest with as little as $25.00!! that’s right $25.00, in today’s episode I delve into some of those options.

On today’s show I talk about

  • Different ways to invest in low cost investment options
  • And much more

Book I recommend

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