Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Show 73 With Bernard Reisz: How to Control Your IRA

About Bernard Reisz

ReSure LLC, lead by Bernard Reisz CPA, empowers individuals and guides guides them to financial self-determination. We integrate expert tax and financial strategy to defragment your finances. 

We are the experts in self-directed retirement accounts, giving investors the ability put their tax-advantaged funds in assets that they understand best. We use a variety of tax-advantaged vehicles to achieve results, including checkbook-control IRAs, Solo 401(k)s, Defined Benefit, Cash Balance Plans, and Checkbook Life Insurance. Our Checkbook Control implementation can save you thousands of dollars in fees and provides total investment flexibility. Our tax expertise will keep you compliant as you maximize your ROI.

Whether your contemplating real estate, private lending, asset-based lending (ABL) , merchant cash advance (MCA), litigation finance, viatical or life settlements, hard money loans, cryptocurrency, or any other investment – we can help you incorporate some tax alpha.

We possess the experience and credentials to provide unbiased advice regarding business and personal finance. With our principal having an extensive background in management-consulting, due diligence, financial analysis, forensic accounting, alternative investments, asset-based lending, and captive insurance, we have a broad-based foundation

In this episode Bernard & I discuss

  • What is a checkbook IRA
  • What investments are allowed by the IRS
  • What investments are not allowed by the IRS
  • Having both a retirement account and checkbook IRA
  • Why real estate is the best investment
  • And much more……………

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The Undercover Economist By Tim Harford 

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