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About Lannister Holdings.


We don’t know about you, but frankly, we’re sick and tired of seeing various industries caught in a weak, stagnant, or losing position, even when technological advancement has made it clear that they don’t have to be. Blockchain technology, and its further development, offers a solution that is either unknown or perceived as a dangerous investment by traditionalists, leaving it in a state of oligarchy in the financial world.

We seek to change that. Through consultation, capital acquisition, and patent development, Lannister Holdings, Inc. extends its hand to those who see –  as we do – a future of security, transparency, and growth within their fields.

Interested? We hope so.


President & CEO

A serial entrepreneur, Joe has successfully initiated, built, scaled, acquired, merged, and exited multiple companies over the last 15 years. Stemming from a childhood fascination with business, finance, and the challenges of scaling from idea to profitable operations, Joe’s experiences in real estate investment, financial services, and digital strategy are the foundation of the structure and ideas outlined in our business plan.

Joe has a unique set of long term business experiences that provide Lannister Holdings with a strong, on the ground operations focus with a clear “mile high” view of the intricately linking systems and challenges associated with growing and scaling our vision.

Coming from a strong entrepreneurial foundation, Joe built his initial wealth investing in Real Estate, First Lien Notes and Financial Services. With millions of dollars in real estate transactions completed, Joe has bootstrapped businesses in Financial Services, Risk Management, Digital Strategy, Consulting and Investing with a focus on Mergers & Acquisitions. All of these disparate lessons and experiences have brought Joe to the creation of Lannister Holdings with a focus on lean operations, stakeholder engagement, profitable multilayered monetization and world class scaled business development.

As an experienced Sales & Finance Executive Joe is keenly aware of the challenges associated with initiating internal systems and procedures, identifying and inspiring world class staff, engaging with regulatory bodies, building integrated investment, brand and product messaging within a highly competitive and regulated space.


Chief Technology Officer

Chris has 14 years of experience in the IT industry, ranging from solidarity and full stack programming, hardware support, engineering and maintenance, to enterprise-level information system analysis, design, development, and implementation. He has specialization in intranet and extranet system development, enterprise applications integration, and business process automation, and has extensive experience with high-load enterprise 24/7 systems, stress testing, profiling, bottleneck analysis and performance optimization. Chris will lead a security-focused blockchain development team, ensuring a high-stability optimally-secured platform for all of Lannister’s projects.

From Chris’ background in Air Force Intelligence to earning dual B.S. degrees in Computational Mathematics and Biochemistry from ASU Chris has been deeply engrossed in the interconnection between real world business applications, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Smart Contracts and Coding.

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