How to Best Prepare Your Home for Sale

Article courtesy of Suzie Wilson:  Getting ready to sell our homes can seem like an overwhelming process. However, with the right tips, you can be ready for the market sooner than you think. Here is what you need to know to best prepare your home for sale.


Clean houses attract more people than dirty ones. Start the process by making a checklist of all the things you need to clean. This will keep you from overlooking parts of the home that you may forget in the moment but a potential buyer will definitely see. You may think that no one is going to take a peek inside your refrigerator, but you’d be mistaken. Anything that can open, including cabinets and closets and wardrobes, will be examined.

As you begin making your list, go through your things and start to organize. You’ll want to lighten your load, and this is the perfect time to do so. Dust before you vacuum, and make sure you remove items rather than trying to wipe around them. They’ll get cleaner, and everything will look nicer overall. Don’t hesitate to wash out any light fixtures that have bugs trapped in them. It can really bring down the look of a bathroom to have a dead fly in the light.


The importance of staging your home cannot be overstated. If you didn’t declutter when you were cleaning, now is the time. Creating open space and removing clutter can increase a home’s appeal. Otherwise, the rooms may feel claustrophobic or small. You may not see the benefit in hiring a home stager, but a fresh pair of eyes, and someone trained in making homes look good, can be invaluable. They know how to best arrange furniture to create flow between your rooms, how to arrange and display artwork or accent pieces, and how to bring in the most light to your rooms. Most homeowners spend between $433 to $909 nationally when hiring a stager, a small fee for the work they do to help you sell your home quickly.

Basic Repairs

It may be easy for you to overlook the few missing shingles on your garage, but it’s good to know that buyers won’t. Some things may not be visible to the potential buyer but still need to be addressed, such as any electrical or wiring problems. Even if someone shows interest in your home, if they discover that they need to rewire or that some of the light switches don’t work, they may quickly lose interest in favor of a house that is move-in ready.

Roofing issues should also be addressed before you put your home on the market, as not only can a faulty roof be visually displeasing, it is a definite turn-off for buyers. Refinish or update your floors. You might be surprised to find how greatly hardwood floors can aid you in sell your home quickly. After all, plenty of home buyers choose hardwood.

The Yard

Often, the first thing buyers will see of your home is its exterior. Even if you post photos online, the first images to draw them in will be of your house from the outside. Therefore, you should make your home look as inviting and finished as possible. Get rid of any dead plants, as they will significantly diminish appeal. Make sure the plants you do have look like they are thriving, so invest in a good fertilizer a few weeks before you put your home up on the market. Any walkways, sidewalks or stepping stones should be clean, and the grass around them trim. Add color with potted flowers to make everything seem even more vibrant and lively without risking a non-traditional paint color.

It takes a bit of work, but there are many things you can do to give yourself the best chance at selling your home quickly and for a good price. It doesn’t take much to make your home look great, and the effort is worth it in the end. From hiring a stager to deep cleaning the bathrooms in your home, these tips will put you on the right path toward a successful sale.

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