Show 32 Partners who make it work

Shaunta & Bruce are Partners from Different states in the U.S.A, But that doesn’t stop them from making deals happen.

What makes their partnership work is the trust they have for each other, and this is Priceless!! they both have the same goals in mind.

Shaunta Evans– My Halow Property Investing LLC has partnered up with LDJ Enterprises, and we are looking to buy commercial properties. We are looking for investment properties in FL, GA and CA. We also help businesses go public with Capital ventures. Looking to connect and network to acquire more inventory for our Portfolio. We also have what we call, “THE BILLIONAIRES LIFESTYLE”in which this is designed to show you how to have more than just riches. It’s all about building wealth and having that ripple wave effect passed on to generation to generations! Check out some more info at

Bruce Byrd Jr. -I’m a young man just trying to really mark my print as a real estate investor I’m open and I’m just ready for financial freedom to stay home more with my kids. My partners and I are investors we buy hotels, multi families and also businesses. We also help others buy as well. -Youtube

Shaunta Evans Savannah GA.

Bruce Byrd Jr. St.Louis Mo.

On today’s show they talk about

  • Their start in Business
  • Working together
  • Investing in different states
  • Their mindset
  • And much more……………….

Books they recommend by Shaunta & Bruce pick up from Amazon.

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

The millionaire mind – Thomas Stanley

The holy bible

Battlefield of the mind- Joyce Meyers

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