Working With Investor Friendly Real Estate Agents

  1/24/18- For investors, finding a local investor friendly Realtor/Agent is not that simple. Most agents are not familiar with the investing process, they focus on working with potential customers who would rather buy a home they intend to live in. Where To Find Investor Friendly Realtors?  There are many…
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What is Seller Financing

1/20/18 – Seller financing-  is when the purchaser/buyer will make some sort of down payment to the seller, and then make installment payments (usually on a monthly basis) over a specified time, at an agreed-upon price, until the loan is fully paid. The Pros of Seller Financing. 1. The closing process can be…
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A New Year to Fulfill My Goals

12/30/17- Most of us set goals for the upcoming year. But according to a article on goal setting Published On JUL 26, 2016 by Inc magazine’s Marcel Schwantes, about 92% of people don’t achieve what they set out to do. What did I do wrong ?  Speaking for myself, when…
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