Blockchain And Opportunity Zones, Transforming Real Estate Event: Moderated By David Whiting and William Morales

Thursday March 21st, 2019 I was part of discussion regarding the headline topics, I was one of two moderator’s chosen to participate in this event. The two subjects David Whiting and I participated in were insightful to say the least, I learned so much regarding Blockchain & Opportunity Zones.

Technology has moved into Real Estate so quickly with Blockchain that if we don’t keep up, some of us can be left behind! And this is not only a millennial Real Estate transformation, dinosaur’s like myself, okay I went a little overboard, must learn to be a part of this new dynamic industry that’s looking to disrupt Real Estate.

With Opportunity Zones being relatively new, the gist is to revitalize certain economic depressed area’s here in NYC and around the country, and to give investors incentive’s to develop in these areas.

On this portion of the video you will see part two of the event I moderated, the topic discussed: Opportunity Zones.

Want to thank David Whiting for putting on this event.

Here were the participants Moderators

David Whiting– (917) 364-1776 (Part 1)

William Morales– Podcast Host


Bryan Crane-Chief Growth Officer. 805-294-3723

John Dean Markunas -Blockchain advisor-

Manny Alicandro– Law offices of Manny Alicandro- 646-509-3842