Adding Curb Appeal: How to Easily Boost Your Home’s Value

Article Courtesy of Suzie Wilson:

For many homeowners, finding a way to boost the value of their investment is important, but it can sometimes feel out of reach. There’s no one right way to make sure your home will appraise for the highest possible amount, but one thing that rarely fails to boost a home’s value is adding curb appeal. Whether you want to fix up the lawn, update the entrance, or create some eco-friendly landscaping, there are several DIY projects you can tackle that will ensure your home will get full asking price should you decide to sell.

It’s a good idea to go through your neighborhood to see what members of your community are doing to spruce up the front of their homes. Look online to see if you can get an idea of how much the homes in your area are selling for; this will help you figure out a goal number for your own house and will allow you to set a budget.

Keep reading for some great tips on how to boost your home’s value — and charm — by adding to your curb appeal.

Tend to the Landscaping

The landscaping in front of your home can say a lot about you as a homeowner, and it can also show potential buyers what they might expect to find inside. Overgrown shrubs, wilting flowers, and peeling paint are essentially the equivalent of clutter, which every homeowner knows is a no-no when trying to attract a buyer. Take a good look at the exterior of your home; prune back trees and shrubs, lay sod where grass gets thin, plant new trees to add shade and visual appeal, and add pops of color with flower beds. Just make sure you have the right tools for the job before you get started. Check out this list of the best gardening gloves you can find.

Touch Up the Paint

Whether it’s the side of your home, your mailbox, the shutters, or the front porch, any area that has paint will need to be touched up after a few years. The elements have a way of causing trouble, even if the paint is specifically made for exterior use, so make sure to give those areas a once-over. Many of these jobs are DIY and can be done in a weekend, but it’s important to make sure you have the right tools before you get started. Having a plan in mind will prevent frustration and stress on your end. For some great tips on how to touch up the exterior of your home, click here.

Add Some Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Making your home eco-friendly — even in a small way — can really add to the value of your home and attract interest from buyers, and it can save you money while you’re still living there. Conserving water and energy are two of the top ways most homeowners can reduce their carbon footprints, and one easy way to do this is by setting up a landscape that doesn’t require much of either. You might use plants that don’t need watering every day, or cut down on the amount of grass you have to take care of by installing stepping stones or adding to the front porch.

Adding curb appeal to your home is a great way to attract positive attention from buyers and to add value, but it can be a big job if you don’t have a good plan. Sit down and create a budget for your projects, do some research around the neighborhood, and start with the most simple areas first. Remember to ask for help from a pro when it comes to electrical wiring or plumbing, and stay safe while you tackle these projects.


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