A Couple’s Guide to Moving Cities Without Breaking the Bank

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Whether you’re accepting a great job offer or simply looking for a change of pace, moving to a new city with your partner is an exciting opportunity. But packing up your life and settling down somewhere unfamiliar can also be stressful. From the cost of hiring movers to buying a new house, your savings might take a serious hit, and saying goodbye to your family and friends can leave you reaching for the tissues.

Moving is an expensive and emotional undertaking. But with a little ingenuity, you can eliminate the headaches. Here’s how to save money and arrive in style when you settle down in a new city.

Finding the Right Home

Before buying a home in a new city, it’s important to visit and check out a few neighborhoods on foot so you can get a feel for where you might want to live. Research the local real estate market, go in with a budget, and keep safety, affordability, and convenience in mind.

Working with an experienced realtor like Peer 2 Peer Real Estate who knows your new city by heart can help you and your partner find the perfect home, and a realtor can provide valuable information on the home-buying process. By leaning on the experts, you can ensure that your new home will suit your needs.

Budgeting Expenses

Moving is pricey, but there are plenty of ways to save. First, it’s important to be aware of any hidden costs that might pop up and plan for them accordingly so that you aren’t caught off guard by unexpected expenses. For example, you should budget for packing supplies, utility fees, and takeout for busy nights spent packing.

Want to make the packing process easier while pocketing some extra cash? Consider having a garage sale before you move. Selling items you no longer need can help you cover moving expenses and save time when you pack.

If you’re serious about cutting costs, you may want to plan for a hybrid move. A hybrid move means that you and your partner will rely on three providers to load your belongings, transport them, and unload them in your new city. Cost comparisons reveal that a hybrid move can be considerably cheaper than a traditional move.

Moving Day

Before the movers load up your truck, label your boxes. You’ll thank yourself once it’s time to organize your home! Make sure that all your big-tickets items are in good condition upon arrival. If you’re worried about anything important breaking, look into moving insurance in advance.

If you haven’t done it already, now is definitely the time to change your address. You’ll need to update the postal service, your bank, your voter registration, and any subscription services. If you moved to a new state, you may also need to head to the DMV to update your license or take out a new car insurance policy.

A Fresh Start

Once you both have unpacked and settled in, it’s time to start making connections in your community. Make it a point to attend events regularly and chat with people you run into. Attend meetings for clubs centered around your hobbies, and join volunteer groups to meet other people who care about the causes you believe in.

Get into the habit of trying something new each weekend. When you get out of your comfort zone, you’ll be amazed at how many interesting people you meet.

Moving is a major life change, but as you settle into your new community together, you’ll be glad that you and your partner took the leap. By taking steps to save money and stay organized, you can maintain a positive attitude and focus on building your new life together.

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